Meet the Jaran ATSIDC Directors and Performers


Graham Blanco (Artistic Director)

Graham Blanco is the Artistic Director of Jaran ATSIDC.   Graham is of Mununjali (Yugambeh) descent and has over 30 years experience in traditional and contemporary dance.  

Graham Blanco is the founder of Jaran ATSIDC.  

Since 2006 - with the continued support and assistance of Elders - Graham has worked with Jaran ATSIDC to perform and teach Indigenous Australian culture. Throughout his professional practice, Graham has sought to promote traditional dance, language and song to the wider community - both nationally and internationally.  He believes that each performer must find and capture “their spirit” when they perform traditional dance.  For Graham - culture, respect, identity and protocol - remain key values. All Jaran ATSIDC performers must endeavour  to 'meaningfully understand' the dances (and the associated lores) and be committed to maintaining a genuine cultural integrity.


Lorraine Blanco (Director and Manager)

Lorraine Blanco holds a degree in Law (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Politics and Public Policy).  

Lorraine’s family is from Darnley Island and she regularly performs Torres Strait Islander Dancing.  She also manages all aspects of the dance troupe and organises bookings, public relations events and networking.  

Lorraine is extremely passionate about building confidence and self esteem in Indigenous youth.  She believes this can be achieved within a constructive, educational and supportive environment.  At Jaran ATSIDC, Lorraine provides special guidance, assistance and education to the female performers.  



M. 0431 288 306

Male Performers

  • Evan Atkins 
  • Creedence Blanco 
  • Rhyss De La Cruz
  • Raymond Saunders-Ratcliffe
  • Joshua Appo
  • Anthony Cora

Female Performers

  • Jamayca Blanco
  • Lateisha Blanco
  • Leilani Blanco
  • Tarija Tranter 
  • Jimilla Dix-Blanco
  • Felisha Elworthy