An overview of International and National Performances by Jaran ATSIDC:

International Performance Highlights

2013:  Honolulu, USA

Jaran was invited by the Honolulu International Festival Committee to represent Australia and perform Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancing at their 19th Annual Honolulu Festival.  The Australian Embassy recommended and suggested Jaran to perform at this International Event which showcases dancing from all around the world.

This was a week long Festival and Jaran performed at many different locations in Honolulu including the Honolulu Convention Centre, several key International Hotels and Resorts.  

Jaran also participated in workshops at various locations and highlights include a visit to the Polynesian Voyaging Society and the workshops Jaran conducted at Kamaile Academy College which was organized by the Australian Embassy.

2012:  Honolulu, USA

Jaran was invited by the Arthur Beetson Foundation, Qld Rugby League to tour with the Queensland Indigenous Rugby League Team.  The highlight of the tour was the opening ceremony by Jaran at the commencement of the Football match between the Queensland Indigenous side and the USA Tomahawks.   

Jaran also performed at various venues across Honolulu including:

1. Polynesian Cultural Centre:

2. Ilona Palace, Honolulu:

• Jaran was honoured as the 3rd performing artist group to have ever performed on Palace grounds. 

3. Outrigger Hotel:

• At the conclusion of this performance, a respected Hawaiian Elder and speaker of the Island held a blessing ceremony with Jaran thanking us for a wonderful performance.  He invited over 25 traditional Hawaiian descendants to be a part of the ceremony.  

2011:   Rotorua, New Zealand

Jaran, along with other Indigenous Dance Companies, attended a conference in Rotorua New Zealand which was organised by Tourism Queensland.  At the conference, Jaran visited local Maori Elders, tour groups and observed several key Maori cultural dance productions.

2010:  Dubai, UAE

Jaran performed Aboriginal dancing and held didjeridoo workshops at the Emirates Trade Show.  Jaran was invited by Australia Tourism and represented Australia in an international trade event. Jaran showcased Indigenous Australia  to international guests / tour guides.


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National Performance Highlights

Since formation in 2006, Jaran has performed at numerous Australian schools, hotels/resorts, corporate events including both Indigenous and non-Indigenous community events.

2010 – 2013: Annual Drumley Walk
Jaran performed Aboriginal dancing.

2013: NSW Koori Vs QLD Murri Football League

Jaran performed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancing at Davis Park, Brisbane at the commencement of the football match between NSW Koori v Qld Murri Football players.

2013: Hervey Bay Multicultural Festival

Jaran performed Torres Strait Islander Dancing at the Hervey Bay Multi Cultural Festival.

2012: Yugambeh Corroboree in Southport - Jaran performed Aboriginal dancing.

2012: McDonalds Hero Award

Jaran won a National Hero Award and was given $5,000 from McDonalds for their contribution as an outstanding member of the community.  There were 25,000 applications for the “Hero Award”.  A guest who had watched Jaran’s shows over the past few years and observed the amount of work Jaran had done within the community entered Jaran into the competition (unbeknownst to Jaran).   Jaran was then contacted by McDonalds and advised they had won the award.

2012: NITV

Graham Blanco was interviewed by NITV for which he promoted the new Yanguwah production and Jaran Dance Company.

2012: AEC

Jaran reformed at the Australian Electoral Commission’s Annual Anniversary of the Indigenous Peoples Right to Vote, at South bank Convention Centre, Brisbane,

2012: The Swearing in of Queensland Parliament

Jaran performed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancing at Brisbane Parliament House for the swearing in of Parliament.

2011 and 2012

Annual Bleach Festival in Currumbin - Jaran performed both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancing.


Buhelma Festival (for the community and players of the National Indigenous All Stars Football Team) - Jaran performed Aboriginal dancing.

2011: Yanguwah Show
In 2011, Jaran created a new production called the Yanguwah Show.

This 2 hour production incorporates both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancing and has been operational for the past 18 months.

It is a full length 2 hour production which includes a short slide on the history of Aboriginal people, a bush tucker walk and tour and a hands-on experience of cooking a Kup Murri (an Indigenous traditional method of cooking food underground) where guests have the opportunity of seeing first hand how the food is unearthed and prepared. 

Following this, Jaran performs a traditional bone ceremony (welcoming ceremony) and then an Aboriginal performance.  Each dance is narrated by a performer explaining its significance to country.  After the Aboriginal show, guests are encouraged to take photos.  A short interlude occurs and a Torres Strait islander blessing occurs shortly thereafter.  A Torres Strait Islander performance follows as our guests dine on our traditional foods.